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  • Abilene woman believes she was recorded in store restroom

    Published On: Jul 25 2016 08:47:45 PM CDT   Updated On: Jul 26 2016 09:00:19 AM CDT
    ABILENE, Texas -

    An Abilene woman told police she was being recorded while using a public restroom at the Books-A-Million inside the Mall of Abilene.

    According to the incident report, the woman was inside the bathroom last Wednesday when she noticed an odd pen-like object on the floor while in her stall.

    She said when she went to wash her hands, a man ran out of the adjacent stall with the pen. She told police she suspected it was a recording device.

    Police are investigating the incident as a sexual assault.

  • Abilene's Rose Park pool closing Friday

    Published On: Jul 25 2016 04:27:32 PM CDT   Updated On: Jul 26 2016 09:52:08 AM CDT
    ABILENE, Texas -

    The city of Abilene is closing the Rose Park Pool for the season this Friday, but there's a reason for the early closure.

    According to the city, crews need the extra time to construct the new aquatic center out there.

    The $6 million project will include a swimming pool, water slides and a lazy river. Voters approved the project in a bond election last year.

    The city says the aquatic center is scheduled to open by Memorial Day.

  • Abilene mother fears daughter, 12, victim of human trafficking

    Published On: Jul 26 2016 03:32:38 PM CDT
    ABILENE, Texas -

    A search warrant filed by the Abilene Police Department details an Abilene mother’s fear that her 12-year-old daughter fell victim to human trafficking.

    The mother told police she overheard her daughter telling her siblings she “was given drugs and was forced to have sex with men while in Dallas.”

    The girl’s mother initially contacted police on May 31, documents show.

    Homeland Security in San Angelo received information about the girl from Traffick911, a Texas organization that works to free youth from sex trafficking, and contacted her mother.

    Traffick911 provided Abilene police with three Facebook accounts on July 7. The accounts all belonged to the same user and contained several photographs of the girl “posing in a seductive manner, and some of her and other women in minimal clothing.”

    The search warrant also said “many of her Facebook friends appear to be adult men.”

    On July 15, the girl’s grandmother’s cell phone was confiscated by police and searched.

    Abilene police believe the girl used her grandmother’s phone to communicate via Facebook Instant Messenger and Facebook with several of her “older friends” who may also be involved.

  • Woman walks into state Rep. Susan King's office, says she has gun

    Published On: Jul 26 2016 11:56:09 AM CDT   Updated On: Jul 26 2016 02:52:16 PM CDT
    ABILENE, Texas -

    A woman walked into state Rep. Susan King’s Cypress Street office on Tuesday morning and said she had a gun.

    She didn't.

    Police were called to the scene about 11:15 a.m.

    The woman, who is an MHMR patient with Georgia identification, was issued a trespassing warning, but she wasn’t charged with a crime because police say she didn’t threaten anyone.

    Police told the woman the next time she returns, though, that she will be arrested.

  • No charges after black Texas girl suffers rope burns to neck

    Published On: Jul 26 2016 08:16:21 AM CDT   Updated On: Jul 26 2016 09:00:45 AM CDT
    Scales of justice background-1
    WACO, Texas (AP) -

    Investigators say no one will be charged after a 12-year-old black girl suffered rope burns to her neck during a school field trip to a ranch in Texas.

    Blanco County Sheriff's Capt. Ben Ablon said Monday that there's no evidence to support allegations that the injuries were intentional or racially motivated.

    The family has already filed a negligence lawsuit alleging the girl was racially targeted by three white boys while they played with a rope swing attached to a tree during the field trip in April. The lawsuit seeks $3 million from the Live Oak Classical School in Waco and the ranch owner.

    The school says the girl was accidentally hurt.

  • Tracking spotty t-shower chances for Tuesday

    Published On: Jul 26 2016 07:23:03 AM CDT

    Another round of spotty t-showers will be possible for this Tuesday especially during the afternoon hours.

  • Small plane crashes into Connecticut house

    Published On: Jul 25 2016 02:39:15 AM CDT   Updated On: Jul 25 2016 08:55:12 AM CDT

    A homeowner in Connecticut narrowly avoids injury as plane drops onto house, collapsing ceiling.

  • Michelle Obama owns first night of DNC

    Published On: Jul 26 2016 09:43:57 AM CDT   Updated On: Jul 26 2016 10:58:07 AM CDT

    The Democratic National Convention may be Hillary Clinton's nomination party, but the opening night belonged to Michelle Obama.

  • Mark Rowlett: Shower chances return

    Published On: Jul 25 2016 04:21:55 PM CDT

    Better chances for showers Tuesday

  • Hayden Nix: Rain chances return to the work week forecast

    Published On: Jul 25 2016 07:21:41 AM CDT   Updated On: Jul 25 2016 07:22:06 AM CDT

    There is only a slight chance for a shower today but rain percentages increase Tuesday through Thursday.