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  • Oil field accident kills 2, injures 1 in Mitchell County

    By George Levesque, Managing Editor/Anchor, glevesque@ktxs.com
    Published On: Aug 20 2014 04:23:35 PM CDT
    WESTBROOK, Texas -

    An oil field accident in northern Mitchell County killed two men, and sent a third to a hospital in Lubbock.

    The accident happened Wednesday afternoon eight miles northwest of Westbrook.

    Mitchell County Sheriff Patrick Toombs says a crew was moving a pumpjack to a new location when an antenna hit a powerline.

    Two men were electrocuted, a third was critically injured and taken to the hospital in Colorado City before being flown to a Lubbock hospital.

    The men were working with a crew out of Midland.  Their names weren't provided pending notification to family.

    OSHA will be investigating the accident.

  • Abilene man, 25, arrested for family violence, kicked officer in groin

    By Elizabeth Weiss, Crime/Courts Reporter, eweiss@ktxs.com
    Published On: Aug 20 2014 10:09:58 AM CDT
    Updated On: Aug 20 2014 10:19:39 AM CDT
    Wesley Wilber Caskey

    Wesley Wilber Caskey, 25, of Abilene.

    ABILENE, Texas -

    A 25-year-old Abilene man kicked an officer in the groin Monday after officers responded to a disturbance at his home between the man and his father.

    According to the arrest report, Wesley Wilber Caskey was arrested for misdemeanor assault family violence and third-degree felony assault on a public servant.

    The report said Caskey pushed his father while he was sitting in a chair. The father hit his elbow on the wall, leaving an abrasion and a red mark. The father told police it was painful while he gave his statement.

    When the officer attempted to place Caskey in the car after arresting him, Caskey resisted and the officer asked for assistance from another officer. The officer pushed Caskey into the car and stated that Caskey "intentionally kicked me in the testicles which caused me pain."

    According to the report, the arresting officer wishes to press charges. Caskey is being held at the Taylor County Jail with an additional previous charge from January on bonds totaling $19,500.

  • Identity theft protection tips offered in wake of hospital data breach

    By Elizabeth Weiss, Crime/Courts Reporter, eweiss@ktxs.com
    Published On: Aug 19 2014 07:18:03 PM CDT
    Updated On: Aug 20 2014 08:39:20 AM CDT
    ABILENE, Texas -

    In light of the recent data breach of Community Health Systems, Abilene Regional Medical Center patients continue to raise concerns about their personal information being in the hands of strangers.

    Four and a half million patients nationwide recently found out about their personal information, including social security numbers, being hacked between April and June of this year.

    Abilene Regional Medical Center released this statement regarding the attack.

    "We understand your concern about whether or not your personal identification information was included in the recent data breach affecting some physician clinics. If you were affected by this data breach, you will receive a letter from us over the next few days. That letter will contain an 800 number where you can get more information and enroll in free identify theft protection."

    Steve Abel, with the Abilene Better Business Bureau, offered a recommendation.

    "Educate yourself, be aware, and keep an eye on things," Abel said.

    In light of the recent hack, Abel said those impacted should put a 90-day alert on their credit file so that they will be contacted and told of anything suspicious.

    "Using a service to constantly monitor your activities online is not a bad idea if you've got lots of exposure," said Abel.

    Unfortunately, Abel said with the digital age we live in, data breaches seem to happen more often than not.

    "It's a terrible thing,” Abel said. “Unfortunately Americans are targets worldwide and American companies especially."

    Abel offered three tips on preventing identity theft:

    1. Protect your social security number and don't keep a physical copy where it can be stolen easily.

    2. Be safe online by using long passwords and not using the same one for everything.

    3. Check your credit history at least once a year, more if possible. Look out for anything out of the ordinary and reporting anything on bank statements that you don't recognize.

    Abel said if you are the victim of identity theft:

    1. Request a 90-day alert on your credit information.

    2. Contact the reporting company who notified you regarding the fraudulent charge.

    3. Provide documentation to authorities proving that you were victimized.

  • Baird man, 40, dies after Sunday crash in Clyde

    By Elizabeth Weiss, Crime/Courts Reporter, eweiss@ktxs.com
    Published On: Aug 20 2014 11:29:13 AM CDT
    Updated On: Aug 20 2014 12:15:02 PM CDT
    fatal accident

    CLYDE, Texas -

    A 40-year-old Baird man died Tuesday as a result of a car crash in Clyde on Sunday.

    Johnny Branham, who was driving a motorcycle, was killed as a result of injuries sustained in the crash, a Clyde Police Department news release said.

    According to the release, the accident happened about 2 p.m. Sunday.

    Branham was traveling east on South Access Road near Clack Street. A Ford pickup truck was traveling west on the same road and turned left, hitting the motorcycle.

    While Branham was air-lifted to Hendrick Medical Center, Branham’s female passenger and the driver of the truck were taken to Hendrick by ambulance.

    "The Clyde Police Department is continuing to investigate the crash,” the news release said. “Alcohol is not believed to have been a factor at this time."

  • Spray-paint vandalism causes damage in Abilene

    By Elizabeth Weiss, Crime/Courts Reporter, eweiss@ktxs.com
    Published On: Aug 19 2014 07:19:30 PM CDT
    Updated On: Aug 20 2014 08:45:17 AM CDT
    Spraypainted cars
    ABILENE, Texas -

    Multiple cars on Presidio Drive were vandalized with spray paint sometime on Sunday.

    According to the incident report, eight cars were spray-painted. Some mail boxes were also tagged with spray-paint. Damage to the vehicles is estimated at about $5,000.

    Police are continuing to investigate the incident, but do not currently have any suspects.

  • Sorority girl ousted for pic with racial slur

    A University of Alabama student is ousted from her sorority for posting a photo to social media with a racial slur in the caption.