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Construction materials can make all of the difference

Published On: Jun 18 2012 11:20:07 AM CDT
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(NewsUSA) - Concrete construction is not what people generally think of when they consider the main material their home should be made from. Most assume that a house is built from wood frames and insulation. However, what they don't realize are the many benefits concrete can provide.

Concrete masonry is a beautiful material that can create any shape or size home that you can imagine. If you drive up to a home today, you probably cannot tell how that home was constructed. This is because the covering of a home, whether it's stucco, brick, wood or vinyl siding, provides the same finished appearance as a wood-frame home.

Beyond the beauty of concrete masonry lie the ruggedness and durability. Concrete masonry is built to last and is a solid investment for your family in terms of both value and safety. Insurance companies recognize concrete as being safer than any other form of construction material when fire threatens a home. It is completely non-combustible and is classified as an A1 resistant material. When disaster strikes in the form of hurricanes, tornadoes or wild fires, your family can be sure they will be secure in a home with concrete walls. Today's strongest residential wall systems are made of concrete masonry.

Concrete masonry not only protects, it is also a great way to lower utility bills. Concrete masonry walls are solid, continuous and airtight, whereas wood-framed walls are a collection of components leaving many joints for potential air leaks. Today's designers recognize concrete's energy efficiency and can therefore justify smaller heating and air conditioning systems, creating savings from the start.

The low maintenance of concrete masonry is also an appealing feature. Termites, rotting and paint peeling or fading rarely affect concrete homes. Concrete masonry can also withstand the elements better, reducing the damage from wind and rain over the lifetime of a home.

One other benefit that does not carry a price tag is the peace and quiet that concrete provides. The greater mass of a concrete masonry wall can reduce sound penetrating through a wall by over 80 percent when compared to a wood frame. With home building space becoming more scarce, we are now becoming forced to build our homes closer together and near noisier places like highways, railways and airports.