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Abilene police seek help in returning stolen items

Published On: Mar 07 2013 09:04:54 AM CST   Updated On: Mar 07 2013 09:56:15 AM CST
ABILENE, Texas -

Abilene police need help returning stolen items to their rightful owners.

Police say they have an excess of unclaimed property in their vault and need people who have fallen victim to theft within the last three years to come forward. They are looking for victims who have had jewelry, crafted items (i.e. furniture or art) or collectibles valued at more than $100 stolen from them.

“Stuff along those lines that aren't always easy to describe in the reports,” Sgt. Ken Robinson said. “That's why we're asking if people can give us better descriptions, if they can send us photographs of items that we can go down and compare it to the stuff that we already got.”

Robinson said victims should send in a photograph (if available), the approximate date the item(s) was stolen and a detailed description to propertycrime@abilenetx.com. Victims should also include their contact name, address and phone number.

Victims who did not make a police report right after the theft took place are also being asked to come forward.

“There may be stuff that people have had missing that they weren't sure whether or not it was stolen,” Robinson said. “It's something that they don't use or they don't see a lot so they don't even know it's gone until it's gone so they don't know if they left it or lost it. Those people can send in emails and pictures as well.”

Abilene police plan to also use the e-mail account for newly reported property crimes but not for unrelated crimes or questions.