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Easter's over: Time to plant flowers

By Chelsea Humphrey, chumphrey@ktxs.com
Published On: Apr 01 2013 07:20:01 PM CDT
ABILENE, Texas -

It's a widely held notion that spring blooms can be planted after Easter.

This time of year, it's likely that we've seen our last frosts so anything that goes into the ground is safe.

But what should you do to get your yard back in fighting shape? Adam Andrews, Owner of Willow Creek Gardens, has some insight. "Probably one of the greenest things you have in your yard are weeds and so you want to eradicate the weeds".

After that, apply a fertilizer, preferably one that's well suited for our climate. Most granule types are "slow release" and can last for up to 8 weeks before needing to be reapplied.

When it comes to flowers, look for fertilizers that contain phosphorus. This will help to keep them blooming.

Stick to flowers like snapdragons, petunias, verbena, and geraniums. These plants enjoy the cool nights and warm days.