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Howard Payne University is ready for homecoming weekend

Published On: Oct 12 2012 06:39:29 PM CDT

Homecoming weekend has started for Howard Payne University.

The Yellow Jackets are busy preparing for several homecoming events.

The Howard Payne Great Adventure Homecoming 2012 is full of old traditions that students today are still honoring.

Even though homecoming is always packed with tons of events, Howard Payne University President Dr. Bill Ellis said the focus is the alumni returning to their alma mater.

"I think my favorite may be seeing those graduates from 50 years ago that come back and they tell their stories about what kind of trouble they got into and what they did when they were on the campus; I only hope that they don't tell our current students what they did," said Ellis.

Those old traditions are being passed down to each HPU class.

One homecoming tradition is just for the freshman.

"One of HPU's many traditions, it's the freshman drum, and from 2 p.m. Friday afternoon until 2 p.m. Saturday. These drums will constantly be making noise for 24 hours by freshman," said Ben Finlayson, HPU freshman.

As of Friday the weather has been gorgeous for all of the outdoor activities, and everyone at Howard Payne just hopes it stays that way.

"I just need to make sure Mark Rowlett makes sure it does not rain for the next day or so for me," said Paul Dunne, Vice President of Development.

Friday night there will be a pep rally complete with fireworks at the Don Shepard baseball park at 10 p.m.