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It may feel like spring, but blooms are not in the clear yet

Published On: Mar 13 2013 07:26:32 PM CDT
ABILENE, Texas -

Spring feels like it's in the air as trees and flowers begin to blossom. People are sprucing up their gardening efforts with the warm weather.

"With it being as warm as it is a lot of people have gotten as early spring fever so they're really wanting to get out and plant," said Michele Bosley of Garden World.

She said sales at the nursery have been way up with people anticipating the warm weather will last.

"We are trying to let people know even though it's warm now, it's not spring yet," said Bosley.

As the weather in the Big Country has proven time and time again, a hard freeze could be just around the corner.

"We still have a better than 50/50 chance of having a freeze between now and the end of the month," said KTXS Chief Meteorologist Mark Rowlett.

The average last freeze date for Abilene is March 24. It's March 28 for San Angelo.

If you plant now, "Be prepared to cover up what you've planted with some sheets or maybe milk cartons to keep it from a freeze that we still could have between now and mid-April, said Rowlett.

"I've noticed that a lot of the trees are starting to put their leaves out already. If we get another hard freeze it's a good chance it's gonna kill the blossoms, kill the new leaves, could make the trees look a little sparse this year," said Bosley.

She recommends waiting until after Easter for serious planting.

Here are some tips to keep your plants safe and healthy:

Container gardens allow plants to be moved indoors easily during a cold night.

Frost cloths can be draped over plants to keep them 6 to 7 degrees warmer. Christmas lights wrapped around plants can also provide extra warmth.

If it will be getting down into the 20's, water plants the night before to prevent them from freezing.