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Loved ones of murder victim react to final arrest in 2008 murder case

Published On: Feb 04 2013 07:30:41 PM CST
ABILENE, Texas -

The third suspect in a 2008 murder was finally apprehended last week. Today, we heard from the victim's family and loved ones.

Albert Cadena was just 29 years old when his body was found in an alley off Huckleberry and Clinton roads.

According to loved ones, the final arrest in this case is a breath of fresh air.

Chad Mitchell of Mission Abilene was not only Cadena's pastor, but was also his close friend.

Knowing the third suspect, Martin Talavara, Jr., was still at large made the last five years a struggle.

"The last five years, you'd hear different things - where he was located - and it's just the turmoil of not knowing," Mitchell said.

So when word got to Mitchell that Talavara was arrested last week, it provided relief, in spite of knowing he might have to testify again.

"It's bittersweet. We all obviously have to face all the things again of his murder and so we re-live that, but justice is just around the corner, so we find hope in that," Mitchell said.

Talavara was arrested last Friday in Whitfield, Ga. 

The two other suspects - William Gagnon and Joe Rangel - have already been prosecuted for the crime.

Cadena's family wasn't available to talk to us today, but last Friday, a family member's Facebook page said: "We have prayed and received our prayers. Thank you God. Justice has been served."

After the murder, pastor Chad Mitchell started the "Stop the Violence" campaign, which is an outreach program that travels to at-risk neighborhoods.

To learn more about "Stop the Violence," click here.