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PAWS Program teaches girls at Ron Jackson in Brownwood responsibility among other life lessons

Published On: Feb 25 2013 08:11:28 PM CST

Caring for a dog teaches empathy, patience, and responsibility. That's why the Ron Jackson State Juvenile Correctional Facility in Brownwood partners with the PAWS program.

"Blessed" is Daywonee's dog for three months. He only has three legs, but that has not stopped him from living life.

"He moves around good, and it's like he doesn't let it hold him back," said Daywonee Benjamin who is participating in the PAWS program.

Unknowingly, Blessed has opened doors for Daywonee in more ways than one.

"Once you complete the program, you get the certificate, you could work at anything to with pets like a PetCo or a veterinarian's office," said Benjamin.

Destiny Lewis is also in the PAWS program, and has taught "Wosie" many things, but has also learned some things about herself.

"I heard of training dogs before, but it never just hit my mind like I know how to do it. It makes me feel proud of myself, like I succeeded at something," said Lewis.

Amanda Stewart commends the PAWS program saying it's not only helpful, but the girls can relate to the dogs.

"I am being able to deal with not only the frustrations in my life, but having to deal with frustrations that the dog has, too," said Stewart.

"I love the fact that we're giving these animals a second chance, because they deserve one just like we did," said Stewart.

More than 100 dogs have been adopted through the PAWS program over the last three years.

For information on adopting a dog that has completed the program, contact Holli Fenton, Dorm Supervisor at 325-641-4260, or Freda Day, Corrine T. Smith Animal Center Director at 325-646-0617.