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Taylor County Courthouse security beefed up after Kaufman County DA murdered

By Jennifer Kendall, jkendall@ktxs.com
Published On: Apr 01 2013 09:43:44 PM CDT
Updated On: Apr 02 2013 08:52:44 AM CDT
ABILENE, Texas -

After the Kaufman County District Attorney and his wife were killed, prosecutors around the country were in shock.

"It puts you on a higher alert. I mean you don't have these things happen and not pay attention," Taylor County District Attorney James Eidson said.

Many took it personally and said it's more than an attack on one county official.

"It's a threat to the criminal justice system,” Eidson said. “These kinds of things can't go unaddressed. These people need to be caught and brought to justice because you can't allow it to influence what you do, the decisions you make."

Because of the attack, courthouses across Texas have beefed up security.

Sheriff Ricky Bishop said the Taylor County Courthouse has improved communications and offered guards additional training, but in Kaufman County every precaution possible is being taken

"We’re very much on alert. We, obviously, have some folks that are out to do harm to elected officials. And, so, we take that very seriously, and our jobs. I have great confidence that we are being protected in our courthouse," Kaufman County Judge Bruce Wood said.

Why would the D.A. be the target of these kinds of criminal attacks? 

"It’s easy to be mad at the prosecutors,” Eidson said. “They’re oftentimes the last one they hear from. They blame them for the decisions in their cases, and if you want to retaliate I believe you could perceive that as a good place to start."