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Tips to winterize your home during the frigid weather

By Kristen Pope, Reporter, kpope@ktxs.com
Published On: Dec 09 2012 07:01:02 PM CST

It's time to turn up the heat, and protect your home in these frigid months.

People should check their air filters and make sure they are clean for heat to blow through. Also, don't forget to make sure your smoke detectors work. If you don't have a furnace indoors, portable heaters are a good alternative.

To prevent your plants from dying, we spoke to an expert about how to care for them during the colder months.

"If there is a potted plant, water them," said Lowe's Assistant Store Manager Cyil Moore. "A lot of people think, water your plant before a freeze. That helps insulate the roots."

In addition to your plants, Moore said don't forget your pipes.

"Most pipes aren't going to be exposed for an extended period of time, so just wrapping what's exterior and putting a good wrapper around it will keep them from freezing," said Moore.

"Faucets will freeze if you don't disconnect your hoses and they can break and cause water leaks," Moore said. "Some of these leaks can be quite catastrophic."

Although it sounds like a lot of preparation, Moore said a little goes a long way.

"Just turning your thermostat up a little bit so it maintains some heat in the wall is going to help," said Moore.

One bonus tip for homeowners with fireplaces, to keep cold air out you want to make sure the chimney damper doors are closed when the fireplace isn't being used.