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Abilene businesses take hit in profits from last week's ice storm

By Braid Blanks, bblanks@ktxs.com
Published On: Dec 24 2013 06:43:52 PM CST
Updated On: Dec 11 2013 03:52:21 PM CST
businesses closed ice
ABILENE, Texas -

Last week's ice storm didn’t just keep people inside their homes. It kept them out of businesses, which, as we found out, was a hit to their bottom lines.

“It’s cost us conservatively around $5,000 just for one store. So combine both of them and that's about $10,000. It’s a big loss, but at the same time, you look at Dallas and hear about a girl had to go in because she would have lost her job and ended up losing her life over a job. For me and a lot of our employees, we have kids, and it’s not worth it,” said Elizabeth Nuncio, owner and manager of Wholly Cow in Abilene.

Dozens of other area businesses made the call to shut down because of the dangerous road conditions last week.

“We closed early Thursday because we saw it coming in. Then we closed all day on Friday and closed early on Saturday,” Nuncio said.

It might have been a costly decision but one that many people agreed with.

“We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from our customers on Facebook appreciating that we at least took our employees safety into consideration,” Nuncio said.

Representatives of another Abilene business – It’s About Time – said it was safety first for them, too.

“We knew the roads were gonna be slippery so we decided to close,” said Pat Sumerall, who is a partner in the business.

“We just didn’t want anyone to get hurt coming in and didn’t want anybody to fall and get an injury this close to Christmas,” Sumerall said/.

To offset the losses from Saturday and to give those with cabin fever a reprieve, the store opened a few hours Sunday instead.

The owners of Wholly Cow also pointed out, the closings hurt their employees as well, who missed out on more than a whole day of earnings.