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Grieving? Tips for making it through the holiday season

Published On: Dec 24 2013 02:55:06 PM CST   Updated On: Nov 13 2013 07:42:58 PM CST
ABILENE, Texas -

The holidays are coming up and while, for most people, this is a fun and exciting time, for others, it's the hardest time of year.

Heath experts say feelings of loneliness can be magnified during the holiday season.

From carving the turkey to trimming the tree, the holidays aren't always joyful for everyone, especially those are have just lost a loved one.

Judy Osborne of Hendrick Hospice Care said it's important to talk about how you're feeling.

"Communicating to your family that maybe you don't feel like doing the same thing," Osborne said. "The roles have changed. Maybe that person carved the turkey and they're gone. And so you have to communicate how you're feeling, talk to someone."

Osborne said it's also okay to opt out of certain holiday activities.

"Sometimes, you have to set some boundaries and say, 'You know, this year, maybe we ought to do something different or I don't feel like doing the same thing,'" she said.

Those who are grieving need to make sure to take care of themselves as best as they can.

"Eat right, exercise if you can, see your doctor if you're not sleeping," Osborne said. "A lot of people don't sleep well when they're grieving."

Ultimately, Osborne said it's okay to cry.

"Don't be afraid to cry, don't be afraid of your tears," she said. "Tears are healing. And a lot of times it takes you by surprise and we're embarrassed, but you know, that's a normal process and it's okay."

Osborne said the best things friends and family can do is listen and be encouraging. Respect what your grieving family members or friend wants to do or not do.

We wanted to find out what resources are available for those who are grieving and here's what we found:

Hendrick Hospice Care can put you in touch with the right resources you need and they also host events to help those who are grieving. They can be reached at 325-677-8516.

Beltway Park Baptist Church is hosting a "Surviving the Holidays" seminar on Nov. 22 at 6:30 p.m.

You need to register online for the Beltway event. Click here to sign up.