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Man arrested for holding speed trap warning sign has charge dismissed

Published On: Feb 07 2014 06:22:45 AM CST
Updated On: Feb 07 2014 06:23:04 AM CST

FRISCO, Texas (AP) -

A North Texas judge has dismissed a police complaint against a man arrested for holding a sign warning drivers of a speed trap.

The misdemeanor charge against 33-year-old Ron Martin of violating Frisco's sign ordinance was thrown out Wednesday.

Martin was holding a sign in October that read "Police Ahead" while standing in the median of a busy avenue in Frisco, north of Dallas. Nearby officers monitoring traffic saw him with the sign and arrested him. He pleaded not guilty to the charge last month.

Attorney Mark Meisinger said Thursday the complaint never indicated how Martin violated the law. He says Frisco's sign ordinance is dozens of pages and overly broad.

Martin has said police violated his free speech rights. He said his intention was only to urge motorists to drive more slowly.