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Schools fight summer heat so students can enjoy recess

Published On: Aug 26 2013 05:42:05 PM CDT   Updated On: Aug 26 2013 05:43:37 PM CDT
ABILENE, Texas -

A visit to the Abilene Christian Elementary playground shows how teachers are helping the students keep their cool.

Recess is the most anticipated part of the school day for many youngsters, but in the summertime heat, it can also be the most dangerous.

Teachers at Abilene Christian Elementary have been trained by the school nurse to spot the signs of heat exhaustion.

"Symptoms would be like a headache, or tired, dizziness, they feel kind of jittery, they just don't feel right, confusion," says Megan Steele, school nurse for Abilene Christian Schools.

On the playground, each student has their own water bottle so they can get a drink whenever they need it.

In addition to plenty of shade, teachers have an extra measure to help the kids stay cool.

Students running around the playground can run up to teachers for a little spritz of water on the face.

"We have the teachers carry spray mist bottles and that way whenever the kids are hot and running, they get a little spray mist on them," Steele says.

As an extra precaution, Steele will stay out during recess to keep an extra set of eyes on the students and to make sure everyone is staying safe.