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Texas nuclear power plant storing spent fuel rods offsite

Published On: Aug 05 2013 08:24:40 AM CDT   Updated On: Aug 05 2013 08:25:02 AM CDT


Owners of Comanche Peak are putting their highly radioactive uranium material into concrete casks. That's even as Congress wrestles with legislation that could pave the way for a national burial ground for nuclear reactors' spent fuel rods.
When specially designed cooling pools at Comanche Peak neared capacity last year, workers began moving used rods into the casks.
The Dallas Morning News reported in Sunday's edition that armed guards keep constant watch on the containers a half mile from the plant's two reactors near Granbury
An underground facility at Nevada's Yucca Mountain was the intended burial ground for the nation's reactor waste, but was shelved four years ago. The U.S. Senate has a plan to create a new federal agency to manage nuclear waste, now overseen by the Energy Department.